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Fianzas, Fiancistas or Surety Bail Bonds in Miami. Bondsman's office Bail Bonds Miami Dade County (Miami Dade County bondsman) is in Miami five minutes from the Miami Jail and TGK Jail. The office address is 1435 NW 13th Ter, Miami, FL 33125.

Bondsman's office and Bonds, Miami Dade County Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds and TGK, TGK Bonds, is open 24 hours.We never close. Deposits and fiancistas bondsman agents (Bail Bondsman) are available 24 hours to assist customers in the Jails of Miami and TGK. Bonds also posting Bail Bonds throughout the entire State of Florida and the United States.

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The Bail Bond system process Deposits and bondsman in Miami and TGK Jail

When a person is charged with a crime have the option of bail. The amount of bail is set by the Court according to the charges. The cost of the bond is 10% of the total amount of bonos.Los bondsman will require some form of guarantee or collateral to guarantee the client's appearance in court.

The collateral requirements may vary depending on the rates, and individual circumstances. Once the client meets all conditions of the bond, the bond is discharged and all collateral is returned to the depositor.


Preventive Jail in Miami Dade and Preventive TGK Jail

In Miami-Dade there are two preventive prison facilities. These prisons are Miami Dade County Jail and Jail TGK. Once the person is processed, our bail bondsman or Bail Bond Agent(Fiancistas). Once the bond or bonds is accepted by Miami Dade County Jail TGK the defendant is released a few hours.

Court Dates and Bail Bondsman

The defendant who was released towards the deposit is required to attend all hearings as ordered by the Court until the case is closed. If there are multiple cases, which often happens, each case number might have different dates. It is the responsibility of the defendant to be aware of any scheduled court appearances, and to notify the Clerk of the Courts of any change of address.

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